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Operationalizing AI

Operationalizing AI.  Artificial Intelligence Machine learning Bubbles Image by DeepMind

Paths Ahead

A great deal of emphasis has been placed on digital transformation and Artificial Intelligence in the last several years and for good reason. In today’s world of constantly changing customer demands and market shifts, enterprises must select and deploy new capabilities and employ smarter “thinking machines” alongside humans. 

In order to succeed in a meaningful and measurable way, you must effectively position, communicate and quantify the change within the firm or simply be able to sell the change to your employees in simple terms that personalize the benefits to them and what they most care about.

Colleagues reviewing paths ahead Operationalizing AI.  Artificial Intelligence Machine learning

Keys To Keep In Mind

  • Ensure you have high data quality and are testing at scale

  • Incorporate continuous integration, and automated deployment with DataOps

  • Implement ModelOps, Model Risk Management, and AIOps

  • Drive towards fit-for-purpose user patterns for information and AI to ensure ethical use and bias-elimination in accordance with your mission


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Leading In the Age of AI

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We provide the know-how talent and best- practices necessary to engineer and operate the world's best data and analytics platforms. On-prem or in the cloud (but typically both) working in an integrated and seamless manner.


The cloud is not risky nor insecure - it's just another place to conduct business safely and responsively in a highly agile and scalable manner.

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