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Working Together

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Opening Bell Ventures provides high-impact transformational services to C-level executives to help them shape and successfully execute on their Omni-Channel Digital Strategies.  Today, more than ever, companies face the imperative of enhancing and aggressively accelerating their Digital Agenda. We help our clients by employing multi-disciplinary teams led by change-agents and digital innovators who are experts in their respective field.

Our services include Data Enablement, Advanced Analytics, Machine Learning & AI, Hybrid Clouds, Secure & Ethical Data Management Practices,  Agile Execution, and most importantly - Continuous Change Management & Communications to help organizations quickly adapt in the face of disruption to current work practices.

We assume full ownership for successful delivery and our flexible pricing models ensure that we are always aligned in a tight partnership with our clients on both risks and rewards as opposed to the more traditional T&M model which often rewards incents higher extended timelines and continuously increasing costs.

Our practice & engagement leads, as well as each member of our staff, act like owners with no exception and will work relentlessly to achieve our joint goals. We are highly culturally-adept and forge a seamless partnership with your organization throughout every step of your Digital Journey to ensure your success.



Avi Kalderon CEO, Opening Bell Ventures LLC

Avi Kalderon

CEO & Co-Founder

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Avi’s superpower is taking complex business challenges and finding the right digital solutions that can be implemented in a pragmatic way. As a passionate change agent, Avi helps his clients realize demonstrable revenue growth opportunities while optimizing operational efficiency through evangelizing thought-process on how to successfully transform organizations. Most importantly, Avi helps build and strengthen the partnership between business leadership and their technology counterparts to successfully get to the goal line.

Avi has over 30 years of experience in producing innovative business solutions in both enterprise and consulting environments. His resume includes Managing Partner & Head of Global Delivery at NewVantage Partners, Head of Architecture & Advanced Technology for FINRA (Financial Services Regulatory Authority), Technology General Manager at Bridgewater Associates and CIO for Enterprise Technologies at CIT to name a few. Avi also sits on the Board of several technology startups. He is also a featured speaker at industry forums on the topics of Big Data, Smart Analytics and Disruptive Technologies.


When not living and breathing technology, Avi can be found honing his photography skills, tinkering with home automation and teaching his teenagers to drive.

Valerie Kalderon COO, Opening Bell Ventures LLC

Valerie Kalderon

COO & Co-Founder

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Valerie learned a lot about planning, people and process from an early age. Being one of seven children in her “Brady Bunch” family meant finding efficient and thoughtful ways to get her way. She carried that experience over to her career of 25+ years on Wall Street where she was a senior leader of global teams in technology, program management, product management, operations and client services. She is known to her teams as “the Fixer,” give her a challenge and she will get the right people, process and technology to get it done ahead of time and under budget. Key to her success is her ruthless determination to get to the finish line while building strong partnerships and trust along the way.


Valerie spent the majority of her career at JPMorgan running enterprise programs for the Investment Bank. Her extensive experience in data management, technology and operations led her to Head of Customer Care at AngelSense, an Israeli startup. At AngelSense, she gained the invaluable experience of  bootstrapping and running an entirely remote Global Customer Care organization.


When not managing Opening Bell’s investments and day-to-day operations, Valerie can be found traveling the country competing on her stable of horses.