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Realize Your Strategy

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Pick a digital problem and we will devise a strategy, roadmap, plan, and business case and help you execute all facets of your vision.

The Benefits of having a realized data strategy:​

  • Improved business efficiency since data is trusted and readily available for usage. Less time is wasted finding, curating, and testing data before it is used for insights.  

  • A decrease in business risk (and improved regulatory compliance) by using the right data at the right time for the right reasons. 

  • A decrease in operational costs due to simplified cloud-based data architecture, a reduction in data duplication, and the sunsetting of redundant data repositories.  

  • Increased revenue via improved business insights, powered by high-quality, trusted data that is available across the organization for real-time analysis. 

  • A refined business operating model that is driven by data and insights rather than assumptions and instinct.  

Key Steps to Prepare

  • Define – Begin defining your ambition (“North Star”) for your data transformation journey.

  • Make it Real – Once you’ve defined your overall strategy, break it into more minor, tangible business use cases.

  • Design – Your prioritized use cases are a vital input into the next phase – designing an effective, cost-efficient data architecture that supports the articulated use cases.

  • Communicate – It’s vital that ALL parts of your organization understand why you are undertaking a data transformation, which uses cases you are addressing, and how you will measure success. 

  • Govern – Successful data transformations happen when a company follows a use-case-driven approach, promotes a nimble approach to value realization, and mobilizes the whole organization from the beginning. 

Learn more and contact OBV to see how we can help you.

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