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Doing the right thing does not need to be complicated.  We help you assess your sustainability impact and journey. You want to serve your clients, employees and community in the most ethical manner that aligns with your values in a demonstrable manner.

The global debate on how companies should disclose sustainable metrics of governance initiatives information is subject to many competing frameworks and global experts. Learn how this affects your company's operational and financial performance here.

A company’s impact, and its corporate governance practices and areas of focus encompass everything from sustainable energy use to ethics in business decisions. Because of this OBV believes all public and private companies require a sustainable reporting baseline that provides clear, meaningful, and comparable non-financial information. An effective data governance strategy is a prerequisite for addressing disclosure. The inputs required to effectively understand - what data you have, operationalize, and govern - is the key to effective disclosure. We put data first, at the center of any well managed entity and help clients create value by aligning data governance best practices with new social, environmental, and economic realities.

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Sustainability factors look at the impact the company has on its employees, customers, and the communities surrounding it. They're used to measure the long-term viability and value of a company.

With the emergence of frameworks for corporate policy and practice, more and more companies are beginning to report on their practices through annual sustainability reports. These reports are different from traditional annual reports because they focus on long-term thinking instead of just quarterly results. They also incorporate the financial performance of the company in addition to its management's perspective on what risks may arise in the future due to its actions today. The result is a document that communicates not only what the company has done to be sustainable in the past year but also a view into how it will operate sustainably going forward.

Learn more and contact OBV to see how we can help you.

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We provide the know-how talent and best practices necessary to disclose sustainability information and how it affects your company’s operational and financial performance.

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