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Data Loss Prevention

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Ensuring data, analytics, models, and algorithms are secure and compliant with local and global regulations. Automated discovery, incident management and investigations

Data loss prevention (DLP) refers to detecting potential data breaches, including data ex-filtration transmissions, and preventing data loss through monitoring, detection and blocking sensitive data. DLP is focused on data in use (at the endpoint), data in motion (at the network), and data at rest (referring to data storage). 

The approaches to dealing with DLP include standard security measures such as firewall intrusion detection systems that would protect systems from external bad actors, advanced or intelligent security measures that employ Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) temporal reasoning algorithms to detect abnormal data access, email exchanges, recognition of keystroke dynamics and more. Lastly, DLP uses access control and encryption and designated DLP systems, although only the latter category are currently thought of as DLP today. 

Key Steps to Prepare

  • Start with a Data Loss Prevention strategy.

  • Data classification is fundamental to security and compliance. 

  • Market assessment to ensure alignment to your business outcomes.  

  • Consider cloud-focused DLP solutions for public cloud data solutions to augment your cloud strategy. 


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Opening Bell Ventures can assist in shortening the time to value and augment IT and security leadership. OBV will monitor the boundaries of the services and touchpoints to ensure there is a sufficient interface with data and process owners in the organization to support an effective, business-focused DLP process. Without this oversight, the long-term benefits of an internal DLP program implementation may not be realized. 

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