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Safely Agile
Delivery Fulfillment

Agile Page_woman-presenting-business-plan Safely Agile and Delivery Fulfillment with OBV

Delivering Results

You need to become more responsive and agile.  You need to innovate to be able to lead Agile, SAFe, and Kanban - what are they, and how do they accelerate your transformation journey?

​Engagements are considered “high-touch” and involve constant and collaborative oversight from the team lead and business development manager who are both responsible to ensure quality is maintained throughout the lifecycle:

  • Management Consulting

  • Current-State Process Analysis

  • Agile Process Guidance

  • Agile Tooling

  • Change Managment

  • Communications Planning

  • Agile Launch Support 

  • On-going Agile Coaching

  • Release Train Managment 

  • Delivery Fulfillment

Next Step

  • What’s Your Why – Before undertaking a broad agile transformation define why you are doing it.

  • Set The Tone – While many agile adoptions begin organically, they frequently stall without leadership support and protection.

  • Hit the Books – While there is a plethora of free training available on various Agile concepts and methodologies, much of this training is conceptual and decoupled from the cultural dynamics of your organization.

Learn more and contact OBV to see how we can help you.

Project Team Safely Agile and Delivery with OBV
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Training and Coaching


  • Agile Certified Team

  • Extensive experience in Agile transformations within technology, operations, portfolio and program management

  • Champions of change management, standard operating processes, aggregated documentation

  • Supports digital component and data delivery, architecture, engineering, data literacy and DevOps (development and operations)

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