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Eyes to the Clouds

Setting Sights

Our Eyes to the Cloud Offering from Opening Bell Ventures. cloud storage diagram showing connectivity

Your organization has a digital first mindset and has migrated to the cloud - too, in fact! You did it in record time and are reaping the benefits of being in the cloud as well as your on-premises operations. Now you find yourself with not just a hybrid cloud environment but a multi-cloud environment. You are not alone.

There are a wide range of benefits to modern enterprises focused on optimizing hybrid IT, including the rightsizing of cloud environments, leveraging consumption intelligence data, to plan migrations and options when it comes to cloud vendor selection. Security, managing cloud spend, and a lack of resources or expertise are still the top challenges for today’s enterprise. Not understanding current cloud trends can serve to undermine your organization’s digital business decision-making processes, put data privacy and protection at risk, and ensure a catastrophic cloud journey.

Adding Value

Developing a multi-cloud approach can be a tremendous benefit for organizations that rely on cloud infrastructure for critical infrastructure. Multi-cloud management is crucial to how organizations grow their cloud footprint, adding new applications and services to their IT environments.  OBV can help you realize the benefits of operating in a multi-cloud environment more quickly and efficiently.

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Eyes to cloud offering for OBV groups around laptops collaborating Image by Austin Distel
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  • Align business and IT stakeholders often on Governance and Standards for Multi-Cloud, migration approaches and timing delivering business value.

  • Maintain good identity hygiene and centralizing lifecycle events.

  • Support operational functions, microservices and work toward automation, fit for purpose, delivery business value. 

  • OBV can help you realize the benefits of operating in a multi-cloud environment more quickly and efficiently.

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