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Favoring Flexibility

What is the optimal pathway to a data-centric transformation? While there isn't a single, ideal approach generally the goal is the same - fast and efficient value creation. As a transformational leader, your charter is to enable motivated teams to acquire, develop, test, and deploy data assets in flexible and manageable ways to provide exceptional results.

But what does flexibility mean in this context - is it flexibility in your long-term objectives, flexibility in the process, or flexibility in how stakeholders get value out of your data assets? The short answer is all of the above! Data transformation rarely happens precisely as planned and there are opportunities and obstacles throughout the journey. Corporate actions such as acquisitions create massive opportunities to obtain additional datasets, talent, and tooling but also pose practical cultural challenges. Industry innovations (such as Generative AI) can quickly cause organizations to reconsider their objectives.

So how can you become more flexible during your transformational journey? Below are some characteristics to keep in mind.

  1. Be dynamic and versatile in your thinking: Flexible individuals can swiftly shift their mental gears, adjusting their approach based on the situation. They don’t cling rigidly to a single perspective but explore various angles.

  2. Be open to new ideas and ways of doing things: Embrace novelty and consider alternative approaches rather than being stuck in a fixed mindset.

  3. Be willing to try new experiences: Flexible thinkers step out of their comfort zones. Whether it’s trying a new data tool, learning about a new organizational approach, or trying a new cuisine, they’re open to diverse activities.

  4. Adapt to different situations: When faced with unexpected challenges, remain composed and adjust your strategies as needed.

  5. Be mindful of others’ thoughts and feelings: Transformation is hard so it's vital to consider different viewpoints and respect diverse preferences. Empathy is key!

  6. Suggest creative solutions to problems: Flexible thinkers think outside the box and are willing to experiment. Adopt a scientific approach to problems - identify the problem, develop a hypothesis, try an approach, then measure the outcome.

By embracing these practices on an ongoing basis, you will be well positioned to successfully lead your data transformation. Remember, to enjoy the journey, not the destination!

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