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Recognizing the Remarkable CDO

The Chief Data (Analytics) Officer (CDO) role is finally on the menu, as a technology-centric role, and at the board-level-table, with significant impact on business outcomes, able to navigate a data-centric future where data itself becomes a valuable commodity.

Recognize the importance of aligning your business strategy with a robust data ecosystem.

  • Data Organization Structure and Talent Growth Opportunities: A well-structured team is essential for effective data management.

  • Data Platform Operational Stance: Focus on delivery efficiency, scalability, and resilience to ensure optimal platform operations.

  • Technical Assessments of Key Platforms: Delve into the technical aspects of your data platforms.

  • Holistic Recommendations and Tactical Implementation Plan: Tactical implementation plan guides you toward resilience and growth.

Learn More

Feel free to reach out to us at Opening Bell Ventures (OBV) Capability Diagnostic Assessment to kickstart your data-centric journey!

  • We assess your current data organization, identify capacity gaps, and recommend strategies for talent development.

  • Our evaluation covers people, processes, procedures, and performance related to your data platforms.

  • We conduct a technical evaluation of architecture, performance, security, and alignment with business goals.

  • Based on our assessment, we provide actionable recommendations for optimizing your data ecosystem.

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