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Top Pics in the Year of AI 2023 with ChatGPT and more Digital Ninjas Podcast -004

Listen to it here....

2023 in the Year of AI. Corinne shares her Top Pics in art, collaboration with ChatGPT, and excerpts from Scott Galloway's webinar in this episode of the Digital Ninjas Podcast which is filled with inspiration and fun. Take a listen. Share a listen (repost or share a link). Like this podcast. Leave us a comment. Subscribe to the Podcast and get in touch with us today at References in the episode: OBV offering Operationalizing AI: Leading in the age of AI.pdf Link:

ChatGPT: Optimizing Language Models for Dialogue ( or paste this link in your browser: (dream by wombo) Image of the episode created by Leah, yup I don't just use crayolas, for this one I used text Digital Ninjas for an AI generated Craiyon drawing. 2023 Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve with Ryan Seacrest and co-host Liza Koshy NYE 2023: Ryan Seacrest and Liza Koshy discuss hosting Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve - ABC7 New York ( or paste this link in your browser:'s%20New%20Year's,at%208%2F7c%20on%20ABC Liza Koshy - Wikipedia or paste this link in your browser: Raleigh Acorn Drop: The Giant Acorn. The giant copper acorn is one of the symbols of Raleigh. The acorn weighs 1,250 pounds and was donated for the city's bicentennial in 1992​. Why an acorn? Well, Raleigh is known as "The City of Oaks". The Big Acorn is dropped from a crane every New Year's Eve at midnight during the First Night Raleigh celebration, it is the North Carolina equivalent to the big apple/ball that drops in Times Square, in New York City at the same time. The Acorn | Downtown Raleigh, NC or paste this link in your browser: Video Acorn Drop at New Year's Eve 1:55 in video Acorn is lowered by a crane: Midnight acorn drop at WRAL First Night Raleigh signals start of 2023 - YouTube or paste this link in your browser: Cochlear Implant: Autosense OS 3.0 - AI Enhanced Cochlear Implant | Advanced Bionics or paste this link in your browser:

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