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What is a Digital Ninja

We are Digital Ninjas

Here at Opening Bell Ventures (OBV) we have our very own Digital Ninjas. You may ask, what exactly is a Digital Ninja? Let's start with Ninjas: Ninjas are known to the world by four key attributes: running fast, moving on water, jumping really high, and being an important contribution to popular culture. Pizza anyone? (haha... fyi this is a reference to Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, a very successful cartoon, movie and media franchise, who put testudines on the map of pop culture. If you are not smiling, please google it, it is funny.) As for Digital Ninjas, let’s dig a little deeper into how these 4 key ninja-attributes relate to digital transformations and data engagements.

Running Fast

While we cannot speak to relay-race times, Digital Ninjas must be fast and agile. When working on a project, we must quickly gather the team and get them collaborating on a unified mission. For data within a project, we must be able to quickly relate to the data by looking at the processes behind the data, how it moves and transforms, the requirements for test data readiness, and how to deliver components quickly to meet iterative sprints. These could be waterfall or hybrid schedules, but they all must be in time for release management compliance reviews.

Moving on Water

Data moves through the pipeline of your digital ecosystem like water flows from glacier to ocean, and back again. Digital Ninjas support efforts around the process of your data, keeping the pipelines of communication flowing within and between teams. Knowing where your data is coming from (is it a structured/ unstructured source) and its lifecycle, helps raise data literacy, and the importance of data quality. Although we may enjoy swimming and fishing and watercraft sports, Digital Ninjas hone their craft and flow with data in your enterprise to deliver value.

Jumping High

Digitial engagements connect business and technology partners, data governance, and architectures, where you need to continuously keep the end user front of mind. Digital Ninjas are nimble and jump from these differing perspectives, promoting discussion, furthering collaboration, and understanding of the benefits the digital components being delivered.

Pop Culture

Data has really been around since humans have – it goes all way back to when we first had to barter and trade – we needed to keep record of what we had and/or needed. But as humans have evolved since then, and so has data. It’s not just important in the tech industry anymore, it’s important in every industry. Even farmers use data to help with their planting and soil. Digital Ninjas understand this widespread use of data and its importance to our future and want to make sure that everyone knows of its benefits.

If we can get everyone to think in terms of data, we will have a more diverse group of people (not just us digital ninja nerds) analyzing data in conjunction with AI to make the future of data better and more beneficial across every industry in the world.


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