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Opening Bell Ventures offers a portfolio of products and services wrapped with top talent who are obsessive about all-things Digital. We partner with our clients on both risks and rewards often associated with executing complex transformational programs, and differentiate ourselves by being solely focused on a single success metric: YOU.

What we do

Digital Transformation


We help organizations create cutting-edge Digital Experiences that are driven by timely and accurate data combined with sophisticated analytics, machine learning and today’s favorite buzzword… AI.


We don’t only focus on the "tech stuff", we coach you through how to handle and leverage your information assets with the utmost care and monetize from your smart-analytics

Trust, Ethics & Change


We help you lead your organization through change –

culturally-sensitive and persistently-adapting do go hand-in-hand (it turns out that you CAN teach old dogs new tricks).


We work with your leaders and staff through the various change and communications elements, organizational structures, agile methodologies and operational procedures necessary to achieve success

World-class Engineering


We provide the know-how talent and best-practices necessary to engineer and operate the world’s best data and analytics platforms.

On-prem or in the cloud (but typically both) working in an integrated and seamless manner.


The cloud is not risky nor insecure – it’s just another place to conduct business safely and responsively in a highly agile and scalable manner

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